Portland Association Campgrounds/Camp Forshee

The Portland Association Campgrounds, also known as Camp Forshee, is a unique and special place where you can bring your youth group, couples or any church group.  We have 6 dorms, dining hall, open air worship center,  new air conditioned worship center, bath houses, volleyball court, basketball court, softball field, giant tube slide, 3 RV campsites, play area, trails in the woods, picnic area and much more. I have included some pictures and information below.



Trent Stephens
Camp Facilitator

Patricia Creasy
Camp Coordinator
Cell  (615) 308-6688

Rates and General Information

Portland Association Churches
(A new guideline was approved at our Association Meeting this June
stating that the campgrounds can only be used by Churches for
Camp and church related events. No individuals can use the grounds
for family reunions or personal use! 

Churches can now start making reservations for 2018!
Overnight stay…..$125.00
Day only usage…$75.00
Any Association church that it will create a hardship to pay this fee….
it may be waived by the Trustee Board.

Non Association Church Information:
Non Association Churches can make reservations as of March 1, 2018
Any Non-Association Church must have an Association member to
represent them and be a responsible party in order to reserve.

Non-Association Church
Overnight stay…$175.00
Day only usage$100.00

Note:  It is also required by each church using the grounds, to give to the
office a Certificate of Insurance showing the Portland Association Campgrounds as an additional insured,
covering the time you are staying at the campgrounds.  This is a rule that is required
by our insurance.  Please contact me for additional information.

General Clean-Up Information
The Campgrounds is Association owned.  The upkeep and cleaning is provided by the individual churches and persons who use it.We do not have a cleanup crew that comes in and cleans up after each camp leaves. It is all of our responsibilities to leave the grounds in better shape than it was when we came.  If there are maintenance issues while you are there of course contact myself or Bro. Trent Stephens.  To help in knowing what is expected as far as clean up goes,I am attaching a clean up check list for your convenience.  Please contact me if you have any questions. Thanks for using the campgrounds and for doing your part to help in maintaining this blessed piece of God’s creation!

Click here for a clean up checklist!

Click here to view reservation calendar online


Campground Reservations for 2018
April Do Not Reserve
April Do Not Reserve
April 21 Children’s Board Kickoff Day
May 29-31 Union Chapel
June 1-2 Mt. Union/Camp Carver
June 4-6 White House G.B. Church
June 8-9 C. Camp Board. Assoc. Camp
June 10-13 Macedonia
June 20-23  Christ Apostolic/Portland
June 25-29 Middleton Baptist  Church
July 1-3 Cancelled
July 5-8 Cancelled
July 11-13 Mt. Pleasant, Hollis Chapel
July 20-22 New Hope/Kentucky
July 25-28 Oak Grove G.B. Church
August 1  Halltown Church/Mt. Pleasant
August 4 Providence Church
Sept.  1 Forshee Family
Sept. 8-9 Unity Church
Sept 21-22  White House Church
Sept 28-30 Crossroads Missionary Church
October 6 Fall Fest and Hayride
Oct. 12-13 Christ Apostolic/Adairville
Oct. 18-21 Tullahoma Believer’s Chapel
October 28 Macedonia