Moderator’s Message

Bro. Larry Treadway


Fueling Up Our Lives

Accelerant – a substance used to spread fire . . a fuel

There is little denying that our churches and our individual lives need an accelerant (a spiritual fueling up).  We have allowed many things in life to diminish the flame that burns in us for the Lord and could most likely come up with a long-list of things.  There is a need for an accelerant to fire us up.

After much prayer and delay, I am finally ready to announce the theme for this years setting of our association meeting as “ACCELERANT, Fueling Up Our Lives.”  The plan is not to dwell as heavily on the negative of what took us to the point we are, but to focus more on the positive of what it means to fire up our churches and lives.  I think we all can see that the churches of our local fellowship are not on fire for the Lord as we should be or most likely even, as we used to be.  Our churches are decreasing in attendance, membership, and more importantly professions of faith, baptisms, and discipleship making.  

The accelerant for the Portland Association of General Baptist, individual churches, and individual members is clearly shown in God’s Word as the filling of the Holy Ghost (Eph. 5:8).  We can do nothing apart for the power that comes from above and the power of God that God has places within us.  I am not talking about the fleshly power within but the power that scripture states is greater than the power that is in the world.  

There is a great need to fuel up . . .

1. Our commitment to the Lord & His church 

2. Our prayer lives 

3. Our worship 

4. Our witness our service to the Lord & to others

Our two sermons preached at our upcoming association can only cover two of these subjects.  Pray for our association, the association meeting, the sermons needed, and pray for me as moderator to lead the meetings.

God Bless,

Bro. Larry Treadway