Portland Association of General Baptists Home Page

There is an unseen hand to me.
That leads through ways I cannot see.
While traveling through this world below,
this hand still leads me as I go!
I’m trusting to the Unseen Hand.
That guides me through this weary land.
And some sweet day, I’ll reach that strand.
Still guided by, the Unseen Hand!

The Portland Association was established in 1921.  We have a total of 5,611  members making up our 31 churches. You can find a list of our churches on the About Us page or at the links in the footer below.  Our office is located at 142 Ragland Road, Cottontown, TN 37048.  Sis. Patricia is available to meet at the office at anytime.  If you need her assistance, please feel free to call her on her cell at anytime.  May God Bless You!



Updated  10/17/18