Camp Coordinator
Patricia Creasy

Camp Facilitator
Randy Baker

Due to Covid-19

After much prayer and consideration, we have decided to keep the campgrounds closed for the remainder of the year.  We hope and pray that God continues to heal our land and we look forward to next year!

Rates and General Information
There will be a rate increase effective 01/01/20 as follows:

(This increase was necessary to offset the general cost of electric, water, insurance and general upkeep of the campgrounds)

Portland Association Churches 

Overnight Stay.......$150.00        Day Only usage......$100.00 

(Any Association church that it will create    

a hardship to pay this fee, it may be waived 

by the Trustee Board)       
Non Association Churches

Reservations can be made after March 1st

Any Non-Association Church must have an Association member to represent them and be a responsible party in order to reserve.

Overnight Stay...........$250.00     Day only usage..........$150.00

Note:  It is also required by each church using the grounds, to provide a Certificate of Insurance showing the Portland Association as an additional insured, covering the time you are staying at the campgrounds.  This is a rule required by our insurance company.  Please contact the office for additional information.

                                                                  General Clean-Up Information
The Campgrounds is Association owned.  The upkeep and cleaning is provided by the individual churches who use it.  We do not have a clean up crew that comes in and cleans up after each camp leaves.  It is all our responsibilities to leave the grounds in better shape than it was when we came.  If there are maintenance issues while you are there, of course, contact myself or Bro. Randy.  To help in knowing what is expected, as far as clean up goes, I have attached a clean up check list for your convenience.  Please contact me if you have any questions.  Thanks for using the campgrounds and for doing your part to help in maintaining this blessed piece of God's creation!



Office Location:

142 Ragland Road

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Mailing Address:

Portland Association
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P.O. Box 158
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